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We have had such good feedback on our concentrates that we have decided to offer them out for general sale thanks these bottles are 30ml in size.

We recommend that you mix our flavours at 15% if using high vg then please allow for this and increase to 17-20% this is however subject to your own taste.



Banana Milkshake My Milkshake Is Better Than Yours!!
Blue Slush The Famous Crushed Ice
Cherry Cola Cola Flavoured Cherry
Citrus Slush A Lemon And Lime Slush
Dark Fruit Slush Refreshing Dark Fruit Slush with a menthol undertone
Dr Peffer Fruit Based Soda Drink
Grape Candy Slush Pink Bubblegum And Intense Grape
Lime Slush A Bitter Lime Slush
Mango Slush its slushy mango
Pink Lemonade lemonade with a pink overtone
Rubiclone A very tropical fruity flavour like the drink
Strawberry Milkshake strawberry add milk and shake
Strawberry Slush cool strawberry slush
Tropical Punch Slush a tropical holiday in a liquid
Vimto - Everyones favourite mixed fruit drink
Koolada ???


Wednesday, 13 January 2021
Hi, how long do you steep the blue slush for as I am new to mixing thanks.
Mark Crawford
Wednesday, 02 December 2020
Tried a few blue slush from different companies this cant be beaten
Andrew Hudders
Saturday, 23 May 2020
Blue slush has been my go to for a cpl of years. Simply perfect for my needs. Good clean and refreshing flavour. FIVE STAR
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