Mint, Menthol & Koolada

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We have had such good feedback on our concentrates that we have decided to offer them out for general sale.

We recommend that you mix our flavours at 15% if using high vg then please allow for this and increase to 17-20% this is however subject to your own taste.



Cerberus - Strawberry sauce with a hit of menthol and floral aftertaste
Menthol - Cool refreshing menthol blast
Mint Candy - Sweet peppermint
Nitrogen - Coo & crisp with a touch of menthol
Nitrogen/Ice Menthol - Even cooler than the real thing.. Ice Ice Cool
Super ice menthol - Like ice menthol but super
Super ice mint - Minty refreshing flavour
Super Menthol - Menthol pow with an extra pow for good measure
Blackcurrant Menthol - Deep strong Blackcurrant with a menthol hit
Cherry Menthol - Bright cherry flavour with menthol overtones
Peppermint - No pepper but it's mint
Spearmint - Nothing sharp apart from the spearmint flavour

Frozen Watermelon - Watermelon with either super ice menthol or Koolada or both- you choose.

Koolada - this adds coolness to the vape without the menthol or mint taste.


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