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Because of stringent laws we are not allowed to sell products containg nicotine in larger volumes than 10ml.  Our groundbreaking Standalone range of premixed flavours allow you to purchase your favourite Dominion liquids in larger quantities by simply supplying the premix and nicotine in seperate bottles.  All you have to do is add the supplied smaller bottle(s) of nicotine base to the larger bottle of premix to create a bottle of eliquid at your desired strength.
All of the hard work is already done by us and we supply the exact amount of nicotine base that you need for the premix you order and they come together in a very handy box.
Dominion Premix Flavours also come in Standalone bottles which are also supplied with just the right amount of nicotine base to make 3/6 or 12mg in 30ml bottles upto 120ml bottles
Banana Amoxicillin - Just like the medicine
Calpol - Just like the childrens medicine
Enigma - Will you unlock the flavour
Freds A Bear - Think rhyming slang & walk up to bed (New & Improved recipe)
Goblin Snot - Kick in the throat Absynthe
Goblins Blood - Sweet strawberry with Absynthe & Menthol background
HDS - Combination of berries, hedgerow fruits & a slight hint of menthol
Huckleberry Hound - Razzleberry with a menthol hit & floral aftertaste
Saul Good - Top secret recipe that has to be tasted to be believed
Swamp Juice - Kick in the throat Absynthe with a hint of pud
Skinny Pete- A fruits and berries menthol mix
WTF##- Classic Vimto taste with mixed berries & a little bit of that Vape Domain magic for that special touch.


Saturday, 31 March 2018
So excited that I can buy the premix again! It was just by chance I decided to pop lady in a shop stocking your products haven't looked back. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Jacqueline Berey
Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Vape Domain dominion liquids have to be easily the best I've vaped, and without the ridiculous price tag of most other premium liquids. Goblin snot easily my fave too.