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We have had such good feedback on our concentrates that we have decided to offer them out for general sale thanks these bottles are 30ml in size.

We recommend that you mix our flavours at 15% if using high vg then please allow for this and increase to 17-20% this is however subject to your own taste.


Iced Berries - Forest fruits with a cool kick
Iced Watermelon - Juicy yellow melon with a cooling effect
Jak Apple - A crisp sour apple with a menthol hit
Summer Chill - Juicy yellow watermelon with a hint of cucumber and other secret ingredients
Apple - Delicious mouthwatering apple
Apple Sour - Granny smith apple with a sharp crisp taste (watch out it bites back)
Banana - Ripe sweet satisfying banana
Blackberry - Sweet dark berry the favourite hedgerow fruit everyone knows and loves
Blackcurrant - Rich blackcurrant berries
Blackcurrant Ice - Blackcurrant with an icy blast
Blue Mellow - Delicious fruity mix with a pear drop background
Blueberry Custard - juicy Blueberries with creamy vanilla custard
Blueberry ice - Blueberry with an icy blast
Coconut ice - Coconut with an icy blast
Forest Fruits - mouthwatering selection of your favourite fruits ie strawberry,blackberry etc
Fruit Bat - Tropical fruits
Fruity Violets - Exotic citrus fruits with an undertone of violets
Grape - Rich black grape
Grapefruit - tantalisingly tangy fruit 
Kiwi - Kiwi fruit
Kiwi Mix - Kiwi, strawberry and melon medley
Lemon - The best Sicilian lemons
Lemon & Lime - Lemon & lime a real citrus blast
Lycanberry - Cherry with an Absynthe kick
Lime - sweet juicy lime with a mouth watering flavour
Mandarin Orange - Sweet orange with the taste we all know and love
Mango - the delicious tropical fruit
Oasis - just like the fruit juice drink                                                                                                                     

Passion fruit - A passionate blend of the aforementioned fruit
Pineapple - Exactly what it says on the tin
Rancher Sour – based on the American hard candy
Raspberry – Juicy raspberries bursting with flavour
Rosie apples - Apple with a tongue twisting sour experience
Strawberry & Watermelon - Watermelon wonderfully accompanied by juicey strawberry
Strawberry Kiwi – the perfect marriage of Strawberry and Kiwi

Strawberry Pencils - A Super Creamy vallina filling and super strawberry flavour

Watermelon – this juicy watermelon is so good it feels like it should be dribbling down your chin 

Freds a bear - Think rhyming slang our version of red astaire
Fruity Bubble – a fruity bubblegum blend
Fruity Hit – like it says its fruity and it’s a hit, a medley of fruits with a really slight menthol background
Tsunami - Dark fruits with a blend of berries including blackcurrant & a slight hint of menthol


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