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We have had such good feedback on our concentrates that we have decided to offer them out for general sale.

We recommend that you mix our flavours at 15% if using high vg then please allow for this and increase to 17-20% this is however subject to your own taste.



Banana Amoxicillin - Just like the medicine
Calpol - Just like the childrens medicine
Dragon Slayer - Amazing Berry Mix
Dragons Blood - Like strawberry sauce on ice cream with a menthol hit
Dragons Fear - Intense fruit with a secret twist
Dragons Lair - Dark fruits with a hint of menthol
Dragons Tears - Extreme exotic fruits with a hint of citrus
Enigma - Will you unlock the flavour
Freds A Bear - Think rhyming slang & walk up to bed
Goblin Snot - Kick in the throat Absynthe
Goblins Blood - Sweet strawberry with Absynthe & Menthol background
HDS - Combination of berries, hedgerow fruits & a slight hint of menthol
Huckleberry Hound - Razzleberry with a menthol hit & floral aftertaste
Saul Good - Top secret recipe that has to be tasted to be believed
Swamp Juice - Kick in the throat Absynthe with a hint of pud


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