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We have had such good feedback on our concentrates that we have decided to offer them out for general sale.

We recommend that you mix our flavours at 15% if using high vg then please allow for this and increase to 17-20% this is however subject to your own taste.


Apple Chewit - Chewy Apple Candy
Apple Jack - Juicy Tart Apple With Black Jack
Armadillo Juice - Just Like The Candy Bar Chocolate Toffee And Caramel
Baby Custard - Fruity Jelly Babies And Creamy Custard
Banana foams - Childhood foam candy from the pick”N”mix section
Belgian Choc - Rich Belgian Chocolate
Black Jack - Same As The Candy but no black teeth
Bountee - Coconut And Chocolate
Bubblegum - Classic kids favourite but don't blow
Bubblegum Ice Cream - Pink Bubblegum And Ice Cream
Butterscotch - Grannies favourite sweets
Candy Cane - The xmas Tree Candy With Hints of Peppermint And Cherry
Candy Floss - Sweet, Sweet, All The Fun Of The Fair
Caramac - Sweet Chocolate With A Hint Of Butterscotch
Caramel Toffee - Sweet Chocolate And Toffee
Cheeky Monkey - Banana Flavour Toffee Like Werthers
Cherry Drops - Intense Cherry Flavour
Choc Limes - Rich Chocolate And Limes
Choc Mint - Rich Chocolate And Spearmint
Chocolate Banana - Banana And Rich Chocolate
Cough Candy - Like The Cough Sweets
Creme Egg - How Will You Vape Yours?
Fireballs - Spicy And Hot Cinamon Candy
Fruit Pastilles - So Many Fruity Flavours
Fruit salad chew - Raspberry And Pineapple Chewy Sweet
Fudge - Cream Butterscotch
Haribo - a flavour you can chew on
Jelly Babies - All The Flavours Bursting Out
Jolly Rancher - Just Like The Retro Sweet
Mannys Fault - Crunchy Butterscotch
Milk Chocolate - The worlds favourite kind
Millions - Sweeeeeeet bubble gum candy with a twist of Strawberry
Mint Candy - Sweet and delicious and minty
Mint Choc - Belgian Chocolate with a twist of peppermint
Mint Humbug - Caramel and Spearmint
Mr Pink - Mr Pink …………..Man , its good !!
Nerds - Crisp sharp Apple with a twist of Raspberry
Orange Tac Tics - Just like the little mints you pop
Parma Violets - like the sweets
Peanut Buttercups - like the candy snack
Pear Drops - like the sweet
Pink Shrimp - Very Strawberry
PK Chewing Gum - liqourice with a hit
Rainbow Candy - Like the skittly sweets
Rainbow Candy Sour - Like the skittly sweets but sour
Raspberry Ruffle - think the well known Caribbean chocolate bar with jam
Reel Sweet - a really creamy concoction
Refreshers - as zany as the sweets
Skeggy rock - just like being at the seaside
Spogs - like the sweets
Strawberry Pencils - like the sweets we all had as kids
Strawberry Toffo - like the sweet only this time with a hint of strawberry
Trebor - just like the mints
Twister Lolly - Just like the ice lolly
Twister Lolly With Koolada - Just like the ice lolly with Koolada
Werthers - lets burn rubber Henry
Wham!! - fizzy raspberry chewy bar


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