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Because of stringent laws we are not allowed to sell products containg nicotine in larger volumes than 10ml.  Our groundbreaking Vape Mates range of premixed flavours allow you to purchase your favourite Dominion liquids in larger quantities by simply supplying the premix and nic shots in seperate bottles.  All you have to do is add the supplied smaller bottle(s) of nicotine base (nic shot) to the larger bottle of premix to create a bottle of eliquid at your desired strength.
All of the hard work is already done by us and we supply the exact amount of nicotine base that you need for the premix you order and they come together in a very handy box.
Dominion Premix Flavours also come in Standalone bottles which are also supplied with just the right amount of nicotine base (nic shots) for you to add to make up either 6omg or 100mg bottles of your favourite flavour Dominion e-liquid.
Use the following table to help you decide which size & strength to order
30ml Vape Mates 3mg Sleeve of 5 (30ml Vape mate pack comes with 20ml of premix with a 10ml Nic shot)
30ml Vape Mates 6mg Sleeve of 5 (30ml Vape mate pack comes with 20ml of premix with a 10ml Nic shot)
30ml Vape Mates 12mg Sleeve of 5 (30ml Vape mate pack comes with 20ml of premix with a 10ml Nic shot)
60ml Vape Mates 3mg Stand Alone (60ml Stand Alone comes with 50ml of premix with a 10ml Nic shot)
100ml Vape Mates 3mg Stand Alone (100ml Stand Alone comes with 80ml of premix with 2 x 10ml Nic shot)


Cherry Cola with Huckleberry - Cherry Cola With a Floral Undertone And A Hint Of Menthol
Banana Milkshake - My Milkshake Is Better Than Yours!!
Blue Raspberry Slush - Sweet Dark Berry Taste In A Slush
Blue Slush - The Famous Crushed Ice
Caramel Cappuccino - Sweet Chocolate, Toffee And Cappuccino Coffee
Caramel Milk - Sweet Chocolate, Blend Of Butterscotch And Condensed Milk
Cherry Cola - Cola Flavoured Cherry
Citrus Slush - A Lemon And Lime Slush
Coco Pops Milk - Milky Chocolate Flavour
Dark Fruit Slush - Refreshing Dark Fruit Slush
Dr Peffer - Fruit Based Soda Drink
Gingerbread Latte - Its a latte with gingerbread
Grape Candy Slush - Pink Bubblegum And Intense Grape
Honey + Milk - Milky And Creamy Honey
Latte - Coffee And it Doesn't cost a fortune
Lilt Classic - Totally Tropical
Lime Slush A Bitter Lime Slush
Mango Slush its slushy mango
Lilt Mango + Mandarin - Juicy Mango and Sweet Mandarin Drink
Milkshake - My milkshake Is Better Than Yours!!
Mixed fruits Koppa Cider - like the alcoholic drink
Nutella Donut Milkshake - Chocolate & Donut with added shake
Oringeena - Fresh summer fizzy Orange
Pink Lemonade - lemonade with a pink overtone
Raspberry Slush - a cool raspberry slush flavour
Root Beer Float - Ice Cream and Beer whats not to like
Rubiclone - A very tropical fruity flavour like the drink
Strawberry Lime Koppa - like the alcoholic drink
Strawberry Milkshake - strawberry add milk and shake
Strawberry Slush - cool strawberry slush
Tropical Punch Slush - a tropical holiday in a liquid
Vanilla Latte - coffee and vanilla blend
Vimto - Everyones favourite mixed fruit drink
Koolada ???


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