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Please Note our premix no longer are supplied with nicotine shots instead they will now come with nicotine salt shots (unless ordering 50/50)
Because of stringent laws we are not allowed to sell products containg nicotine in larger volumes than 10ml.  Our groundbreaking Standalone range of premixed flavours allow you to purchase your favourite Dominion liquids in larger quantities by simply supplying the premix and nic salts in seperate bottles.  All you have to do is add the supplied smaller bottle(s) of nicotine base (nic salts) to the larger bottle of premix to create a bottle of eliquid at your desired strength.
All of the hard work is already done by us and we supply the exact amount of nicotine base that you need for the premix you order and they come together in a very handy box.
Dominion Premix Flavours also come in Standalone bottles which are also supplied with just the right amount of nicotine base (nic salts) to make 3/6 or 12mg in 30ml bottles upto 120ml bottles
Angel Slice - Exceedingly good cake.. Just ask Mr Kips
Apple Pie - Just like mum used to make
Apple Pie & Custard - Apple pie, creamy custard & fried pastry
Banana Custard - Rich custard & banana
Banana Ice cream - Banana & ice cream
Battenburg - Rich vanilla with a hit of almond & marzipan 
Beau's Sunday Pudding - Home made apple pie with cinnamon & vanilla custard
Butterscotch Angel delight - Just like the retro dessert
Cardamom Custard - Spicy And Citrusy Flavour With A Rich Custard
Cherry bakewell - Intense Cherry With Marizipan Undertone
Chocolate ice cream - Chocolate indulgence at its finest
Cookie dough ice cream - Cookie Dough Flavoured Ice Cream
Dougs Official Screw Ball - Ice Cream With A Touch Of Raspberry
Invasion - Creamy custard blended with grapes
Jam Roly Poly & Custard - The Delicious Dessert With A Rich Creamy Custard
Key Lime Pie - Crusty Meringue With Rich Zesty Lime
Lemon meringue pie - Zesty lemon topping with a pastry base
Mannys Fault - cereal milk, butterscotch & mmmm
Mr Kips Strawberry Angel Slice - strawberry angel slice
Oh Momma - Creamy rice pudding with a noggin of jam on top
Raspberry Ice Cream - ice cream of the raspberry kind
Rhubarb & Custard - a perfect combination of rhubarb with custard through it
Rice pudding - creamy rice flavour
Rice pudding & Strawberry jam - creamy rice with a blob of jam
Strawberry & Caramel Custard - melt in your mouth flavour
Strawberry Angel delight - the 70s has arrived and they have brought dessert
Strawberry ice cream - Strawberries and cool ice cream
Vanilla Custard - custard with a vanilla boost through it
Vanilla ice cream - Wonderful creamy icey vanilla


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